Bubbly Blaster FAQs

Q: What kind of champagne does the Bubbly Blaster work with?
A: Bubbly Blasters attach to all full size (750 ml) champagne bottles. The blasters will also fit most 375 ml and 1000 ml champagne bottles, as well.

Q: What is the Bubbly Blaster made out of?
A: The body, handle and interior parts of the Bubbly Blaster are made out of food-safe aluminum and brass, and the bottle sealing system is made out of food-safe rubber and hard plastic.

Q: How far can the Bubbly Blaster shoot?
A: Depending on the temperature, how bubbly your champagne is, and how much you care to shake it, the Bubbly Blaster can produce a stream up to 30 feet when the trigger is full throttle.

Q: Can I use the Bubbly Blaster as a bottle stopper?
A: Absolutely! One of the best features of the Bubbly Blaster is that it completely seals in the champagne when you’re not spraying it. Place a half used bottle in the fridge with the Bubbly Blaster still attached and you’ll still have fresh, bubbly champagne the next day!

Q: Is it safe to spray the Bubbly Blaster in close range?
A: It is recommended to aim the Bubbly Blaster away from eyes and ears, but with some practice and by throttling the trigger, a gentle stream can be achieved for close range fun!

Q: When will I get my Bubbly Blaster?
A: Once your order has shipped, you will receive an email notification with the tracking information within 1 to 2 business days. If you have more questions about your order please don’t hesitate to shoot us a message at support@bubblyblaster.com.

Q: How does the Bubbly Blaster work?
A: The Bubbly Blaster uses the naturally pressurizing carbonation of champagne to build up gas pressure above the liquid when the bottle is upside-down, forcing the champagne out of the neck of the bottle and the Bubbly Blaster’s handle. With the Bubbly Blaster’s patented sealing system, throttling trigger and specific pressure drop created across our special nozzle shape, the Bubbly Blaster’s parts all work together to give you a fun and easy to use spraying experience! View the Bubbly Blaster Operating Instructions Video...

Q: Can the Bubbly Blaster work with other bottles besides champagne?
A: At present the Bubbly Blaster should only be used with champagne bottles. 

Q: How do I clean my Bubbly Blaster?
A: After you’ve removed the champagne bottle, you can clean the interior of the Bubbly Blaster by running water from a faucet into the open end of the sealing system (the tube wrapped with the rubber and plastic parts), while depressing the trigger – until water trickles out of the sprayer nozzle. Run water through the system for about 10 seconds or until any remanence of champagne or other liquid is washed out. View the Bubbly Blaster Cleaning Instructions Video...

Q: My Bubbly Blaster won't fit properly into a champagne bottle!
A: Since the top openings of bottles can vary, we've built an adjustment system into the Bubbly Blaster to fit all sizes. If your Blaster is too easy or too hard to snap into a bottle, adjust the nut at the top of the sealing system until snapping the Blaster into the bottle makes a firm seal. For a visual demonstration and more details please view the Bubbly Blaster Operating Instructions Video...

Q: My rubber seal is slipping or worn out from too much fun!
A: We first recommend attempting to remove any oil that might be allowing the seal to slip by cleaning your rubber part with a safe solvent (or some vodka!) along with a clean cloth. If this doesn’t work or your rubber piece is completely broken, we sell replacement seals to bring your Bubbly Blaster back to life.

Q: Can I help launch and promote the Bubbly Blaster?
A: Absolutely! Let’s spread the word and the champers together - message us at info@bubblyblaster.com and we’ll get blastin’!

Q: Can I get a refund on my Bubbly Blaster?
A: If your Bubbly Blaster is faulty, message us at support@bubblyblaster.com so we can help solve any issues. And if it can’t be solved you can ship your Bubbly Blaster back to us within the first 15 days of receiving your order for a full refund.  No refund will be issued if any item is not in its original condition, is damaged or missing parts for reasons not due to our error.

Q: How do I contact customer service?
A: If you have other questions please blast us a message at support@bubblyblaster.com.

Q: What’s the recommended age range for using the Bubbly Blaster?
A: The Bubbly Blaster is not a toy for kids. Ages 21 and up is the ticket.

Q: How much does the Bubbly Blaster weigh?
A: Approximately 9.5 ounces or 270 grams, depending on accessories.

Q: Can I bring the Bubbly Blaster through airports and on airplanes?
A: You sure can! We’ve traveled all over the world with the Bubbly Blaster, as long as it’s disconnected from a bottle. 

Q: Can I mount my phone or GoPro on the Bubbly Blaster?
A: You know it! Firsthand footage of Bubbly Blasting is the best. Check out the Video Mount and universal Phone Cradle.

Q: Where was my Bubbly Blaster created?
A: We designed and created the Bubbly Blaster prototypes in southern California, and are currently manufactured in China, just outside of Hong Kong, in a worker-safe factory.
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